Readers ask: Where Am I On Madeira Beach Fundementals Waiting List?

What time does Madeira Beach Fundamental get out?

Please be reminded the earliest student drop off in the morning is 7:15AM. The school day ends at 1:55PM for K-5 and 2:15PM for middle grades. The latest student pick-up times are 2:25PM for K-5 and 2:45PM for middle grades.

How many students at Madeira Beach Fundamental?

Madeira Beach Fundamental School is a highly rated, public, magnet school located in MADEIRA BEACH, FL. It has 1,369 students in grades K-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1.

What is the Madeira Beach Fundamental school mission statement?

School Mission Statement: Madeira Beach Fundamental will provide a rigorous student-centered learning environment to ensure 100% student success by working collaboratively with all faculty, staff, and community stakeholders.

How do I apply for Curtis Fundamental?

All applications are done online through the website. In order to make an application you need to have a Parent Portal User ID and Password. If you currently do not have one you can visit any public school in Pinellas County and they will assist you with getting one.

What is a fundamental school?

The Philosophy of a fundamental school is guided by the principles of Educare. It comes from ‘educere’, a Latin word meaning to draw out, because we draw out the values which are inherent in a human being. We firmly believe that all students achieve to the level of our expectations.

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What is a fundamental school in Florida?

Fundamental schools were designed to provide a back to basics approach to learning in a more structured environment than the typical public school. Child’s Park Fundamental became the second fundamental school opening in 1978.

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