Quick Answer: What Trolley Do I Take To Get To Madeira Beach?

Is there a trolley in Madeira Beach?

Farther south on the trolley route is Madeira Beach’s popular John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk, featuring more than 130 shops, restaurants and attractions. Madeira Beach was named the #9 Beach in the U.S. in 2021. You can also hop on the Jolley Trolley, which offers a direct, round-trip route to John’s Pass and back.

How much is the Suncoast Beach Trolley?

Hours and Pricing The regular cash fare is only $2.25. Up to three children five years old or younger ride for free with an adult. Affordable full-day unlimited ride passes are also available.

Is Suncoast Beach Trolley free?

Exact fare is required. The bus and trolley fare is just $2.25 per ride, or ride all day with an Unlimited Daily GO Card. GO Cards are $5.00 and are available onboard the trolleys, buses, or at various locations countywide.

Is St Pete beach better than Clearwater?

Lots more to do in general in Clearwater Beach more people on the beaches, etc. St. Pete is great as well but we’ve always found it way more laid-back than Clearwater, less things to do, and fewer people on the beach.

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Is there a trolley in Treasure Island Florida?

From Treasure Island you would take the Suncoast Beach Trolley south to the Corey Avenue “terminal” at 75th Ave and Gulf Blvd, then transfer to the Central Avenue Trolley to head downtown. You can take this trolley all the way to the Pier and there are many stops along with way. Pricing varies, but is very reasonable.

How much is a trolly ride?

Trolley fare is $2 per ride; your first transfer is free, $1 for your next transfer if you have a SEPTA Key card. If you’re paying cash, the cost is $2.50 and you must have exact change – the Trolley Operator cannot make change.

How much is parking at Johns Pass?

MADEIRA BEACH — The parking rate at John’s Pass Village and other city-owned lots could be raised from $2 to $2.50 an hour.

Does Indian Rocks Beach have a trolley?

The Beach Trolley is a great way to explore all of the neighboring beach towns that surround Indian Rocks Beach. In addition to the services along Gulf Boulevard, connector routes run between the beaches and downtown St. Petersburg. PSTA Bus Operators do not carry cash or make change, exact fare is required.

How do you get around Indian Rocks Beach?

Golf Carts are a great way to get around on Indian Rocks Beach and visit surrounding beach towns. Bring your own cart or rent a golf cart. Check out our IRB Activities Directory for all different types of transportation rental options.

Is there public transportation in St Petersburg FL?

Petersburg. The entire city can also be explored with the help of public transportation — buses and trolleys run throughout and the fare is relatively inexpensive.

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What is Madeira Beach close to?

Madeira Beach is a very small seaside community sandwiched between the Intracoastal Waterway and St. Petersburg to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west.

How far is downtown St Pete from the beach?

over a year ago. st pete beach is about 15 minutes, Clearwater Aquarium about 50 min, Tampa Aquarium 40 to 60 min. Depends on traffic. Island boat adventures if u r interested is about 25 min.

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