Quick Answer: What Color Is Madeira Classic?

What color is Madeira 40?

Madeira Classic Rayon #40 – 5500YD / 5000M Large Cone – Color 1003 – Cream White. Madeira’s Classic #40 is the standard size embroidery thread and is ideal for most designs. Made from 100% viscose rayon, it is perfectly suited for embroidery on high speed multi-head machines.

What color is Madeira 1118?

Madeira Classic Rayon #40 – 5500YD/CN – Color 1118 – Overcast Gray.

What color is Madeira 1000?

Madeira Classic Rayon #40 – 5500YD/CN – Color 1000 – Emerald Black.

What is Polyneon thread?

POLYNEON is the brand name for Madeira’s 100% polyester machine embroidery thread. If the majority of your customer base requires bleach resistant garments, such as chef’s whites, hotel towels, etc. or for when fluorescent shades are required, then polyester thread is the right choice.

Where is sulky thread made?

The world renowned ENKA plant in Obernburg, Germany produces raw viscose fibers exclusively from these long-chain, consistently high quality cellulose molecules, and all Sulky Rayon Threads are made exclusively with ENKA raw fibers, which have been tested and certified to be the highest quality rayon/viscose fibers in

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