Quick Answer: How To Create A Madeira Scalloped Hem Template?

How do you make a scalloped valance?

Thread the sewing machine with thread that matches the fabric. Sew a half-inch seam along both of the short ends of the fabric. Sew a half-inch seam along the scalloped edge as well. Sew a second half-inch seam on top of the first seam along the scalloped edge for reinforcement.

How do you cover a scalloped cornice board?


  1. Cut a piece of batting larger than the cornice board by 2-3″ on each edge.
  2. Make a slit in the batting at the corners between the scallops (don’t cut all the way to the corner.)
  3. Fold batting over and staple to the back of cornice board.
  4. Fold and staple batting along the top edge.

What is scalloped line?

(skal′ŏpt, skol′) Having a boundary or border shaped in a series of connected waves or C-shapes.

How do you make a double layer Valance?

How to Make a Double Layered Valance

  1. Measure the curtain rod that the valance will hang on.
  2. Measure the height of the window.
  3. Cut the pieces of fabric using the length and width measurements.
  4. Thread your sewing machine and bobbin with the matching thread.

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