Often asked: What Is The Weather Like In Madeira In February?

How hot is Madeira in February?

Averages The average high temperature in Madeira during February is 18ºC, although things get a bit cool at night with temperatures typically dropping to 10ºC. The normal sea temperature’s 18ºC, while humidity’s low and expected rainfall’s 72mm over ten rainy days.

Should I go to Madeira in February?

Even if it rains, usually in Feb it is not prolonged and you should still get plenty of sun, may be chill early morining and evenings but daytime around 16 – 18 degrees. It is also the best month for orchids so if you are a fan of flowers, again, a good time to visit.

Can you swim in Madeira in February?

Swimming in february on the beaches of Funchal is possible but the sea water is cool. Note also that in february, the climate is good with an average outside temperature of 62°F, 0.7in of precipitation (over 3 days) and 75.66 % humidity.

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What is the coldest month in Madeira?

In Funchal, the average temperature of the coldest month ( February ) is of 16.6 °C (62 °F), that of the warmest months (August, September) is of 23.2 °C (74 °F).

What is the best month to go to Madeira?

The best time to go to Madeira for warm weather and comfortable temperatures is in spring or autumn. It’s still very warm and you’ll have at least nine hours of beautiful sunshine to enjoy per day.

Which Canary Island is the warmest in February?

Gran Canaria is the warmest Canary Island in February.

What clothes to wear in Madeira in February?

What Should I Pack? Layers are going to be your friends. Madeira in winter is neither cold nor hot, but with frequent short showers and some very impressive clouds the weather is prone to changing quickly. Most days we combined a selection of short sleeved & long sleeved tshirts with a hooded top and a pair of jeans.

What is the warmest place in Europe in February?

Menorca, Spain – one of the hottest places in Europe in February!

  • Menorca Spain- one of the warmest places in Europe in February, (and January and March!)
  • Gran Canaria- one of the hottest places in Europe in February, January and March.
  • Tenerife- one of the hottest islands in Europe in Winter.

How hot is Malta in February?

Averages The average high temperature in February is 16ºC, so there will be plenty of opportunities to relax on the beach if you book holidays to Malta during winter. Things can get a little chilly in the evenings so don’t forget to pack some warmer clothes.

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What is there to do in Madeira in February?

Places to Visit in Madeira

  • Funchal. The capital city of Madeira is a must-visit spot in Madeira for history, culture and food.
  • Porto Moniz.
  • Levada walking and Laurel Forest.
  • Flower festival and botanical gardens.
  • Dolphin and whale watching.
  • Land adventures.
  • Praia Formosa.
  • Garajau beach.

Is Madeira expensive?

Madeira isn’t expensive at all, you can find low cost accommodations and also low cost places to eat all around the island (avoid touristic areas in Funchal, there are more expensive).

Is Madeira a winter destination?

Long stay winter holidays Madeira is the perfect winter sun holiday destination – the weather is fantastic all year round, so the island isn’t any less lively. The main difference you’ll notice is the lack of crowds! Plus, of course, it’s cheaper to visit Madeira in the winter than the summer.

Which part of Madeira has the best weather?

ON THE SOUTH COAST Close to probably the prettiest village in Madeira, Jardim do Mar, the southwestern corner of the island is well-known to be the sunniest and warmest, so it comes as no surprise to find here so many beautiful and luxurious villas.

Is it always cloudy in Madeira?

Capacete can be literally translated to peaked cap. This is the reason why June is always cloudy in Madeira. There is still sufficient sunshine but a layer of cloud covers the Funchal area and other nearby places. The umbrella of clouds goes down from the mountains in the morning and goes back in the afternoon.

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Is Madeira warmer than Portugal?

The distance between Funchal, Madeira and Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is approximately 973km (605 miles) and both have a hot climate, even though it gets windier in Madeira. There are, however, more rainy days in Lisbon than in Funchal, Madeira. Annually speaking, Madeira weather is warmer when compared to Lisbon.

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