Often asked: What Is The English Translation For The Portugese Word “madeira”?

What does Madeira mean?

(Entry 1 of 2): an amber-colored fortified wine from Madeira also: a similar wine made elsewhere. Madeira. geographical name.

What is your name translate in Portuguese?

What’s your name? Como você se chama? what is your name? Qual é o seu nome?

Is Madeira a word?

The word is a valid scrabble word Madeira (wine). Madeira prop. n. Island in the Atlantic Ocean and an autonomous region of Portugal.

How do I translate Portuguese to English?

Google Translate PDF Files for Free

  1. Access the Translate a Document tool.
  2. Choose the language to translate from and to.
  3. Click ‘Choose File’ and then click the blue ‘Translate’ button.
  4. Let Google work its magic.
  5. You will get a pop-up with the PDF file translated.

What do you call a person from Madeira?

Portuguese. Demonym(s) Madeirense. (English: Madeiran)

What language is spoken in Madeira?

Language in Madeira European Portuguese is spoken throughout Madeira, but English is also widely spoken.

What does Bruna mean in Portuguese?

The name Bruna is primarily a female name of Portuguese origin that means Brown One. A common name in Brazil.

What’s the difference between port and Madeira?

Specifics vary depending on style etc. But the aging process for Madeira is different than any wine in the world. The high heat it’s exposed to usually gives it a more complex flavor profile than port. The result is almost a smoky, roasted nut flavor.

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Is Madeira a Scrabble word?

Yes, madeira is a valid Scrabble word.

What does the word Azores mean?

Wiktionary. Azoresnoun. An archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic, an autonomous region of Portugal. Etymology: From Açores, from açores, plural of açor.

What does Gata mean in Brazil?

It means ” cat ” (yes, the animal) but here, in Brazil, this word can also be used when we think a person, man or woman, is attractive, for example: “Ela é uma gata”

How do you translate a document officially?

A certified translation can be provided by any professional translator. The translator must sign a document assuring that the translation is an accurate replica of the original document, and the translation is certified. A notarized translation requires a notary public to witness the certification process.

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