Often asked: Trex Madeira When Weathered Color?

How do you restore a faded Trex deck?

You can perform a semiannual cleaning on your composite deck to preserve its longevity.

  1. Step 1: Pre-spray your deck.
  2. Step 2: Spray with soapy water & scrub.
  3. Step 3: Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Step 1: Pre-rinse.
  5. Step 2: Mix up your vinegar solution.
  6. Step 3: Sprinkle baking soda.
  7. Step 4: Rinse thoroughly.

Does Trex color fade?

DOES TREX FADE OR CHANGE COLOR? As such, these traditional composites will fade naturally over time, achieving their weathered color after 12-16 weeks.

Why is my Trex deck turning white?

Probably the first thing a homeowner will notice is white spots on the deck. These are exposed wood particles bleached by the sun and rain. This is a sure sign that the deck’s seal has been damaged.

How much is a new Trex deck?

The materials cost for a Trex deck with substructure, decking and fasteners included, generally falls into the range of $9 to $16 per square foot. Options and the materials grade, however, can push this total as high as $30 per square foot.

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Does Trex come in white?

When it comes to finishing the sides of your deck, nothing beats the beauty, durability and low maintenance of high-performance Trex® Fascia and stair risers–now available to match every one of our Trex decking lines, and for the first time ever, a go-with-anything high-performance white.

Can you use OxiClean on Trex deck?

Homemade Trex Deck Cleaner You can make a simple homemade deck cleaner by combining powdered oxygen bleach, like OxiClean, with liquid dish soap and water. Use the deck cleaning mixture as your soapy, warm water for general dirt and soil cleaning.

How do I restore color to my composite deck?

Restoring Faded Composite Decking

  1. Contact the manufacturer or supplier. Before you do anything with your deck, it’s best to contact your manufacturer first.
  2. If the first option is not available, there are other ways to do so.
  3. Use oil-based wood stain.
  4. Repaint the deck.

Can you use dawn on Trex decking?

Clean the deck with a soft-bristle brush and warm, soapy water. (Trex doesn’t specify a brand of soap, so a dish soap such as Dawn is a good choice.) The brush will ensure you’ll get any dirt in the embossed pattern.

What are the disadvantages of composite decking?

Cons of Composite Decking

  • A pricey alternative to wood. Durability comes at a cost, as composite decking is more expensive than wood.
  • Composites aren’t natural.
  • Composite decks aren’t completely maintenance free.
  • You’ll need to comparison shop.

What is the most popular Trex color?

Warm and natural browns are the most popular color family, and we can see why—they look beautiful paired with almost any style home. But, keep in mind the darker browns make more of a dramatic statement, and are better suited for Craftsman-style or Mediterranean homes.

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Is Trex Enhance good quality?

Trex Enhance combines the durability of composite decking with the affordability of wood. Trex Enhance is fade-and-stain resistant and the long-lasting materials will prevent mold and mildew build up.

How long does a Trex deck last?

Composite decking can last over 20 years with the proper care and maintenance. Composite holds up better under hot or cold weather shifts. Composite is resistant to rot, mold, and termites, which can take their toll on wood decking materials.

Can you power wash composite decking?

Trex does not recommend the use of a pressure washer. The use of a pressure washer on deck surface could damage the decking surface and will void the warranty with respect to any condition caused by the pressure washing.

Can I use bleach on Trex decking?

Harsh chemicals, such as bleach, are NOT recommended on any composite surface! These chemicals can eat away at the composite structure and leave permanent discolorations and damage.

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