FAQ: How To Get From Madeira Beach Fl. To Sanibel Island?

What is the best way to get to Sanibel Island?

Southwest Florida International Airport is the easiest bet for flying in: Located in Fort Myers, it’s just 20 miles away from Sanibel Island via Interstate 75. Those flying into Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando airports just need to head west on 1-75; from Tampa International Airport, Sanibel is south on 1-75.

Can you get to Sanibel Island by car?

Can you drive to Sanibel Island? Yes! Rental cars can be obtained from both airports.

Can you drive to Sanibel beach?

A Guide for Driving to Sanibel Island. Whether you rent a car or drive your own, most folks living in the Southeast, Midwest and Mid Atlantic United States can drive to Sanibel in one day. Sanibel is a small, quaint, island beach town, so we’re the perfect place for solo travelers, couples of all ages, and families too

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Is Sanibel Island safe?

The City of Sanibel has again been designated as one of the safest cities in Florida. Sanibel has been designated as the seventh safest City based upon a report, “Safest Cities in Florida,” released by the National Council for Home Safety and Security. There are 410 municipalities in Florida.

Is Fort Myers Beach or Sanibel Island better?

Sanibel Island is a bit more low-key than Fort Myers Beach and perfect for those seeking a slightly less scheduled vacation. The main attraction on Sanibel Island is, of course, it’s white sand beaches, but more than just that, shelling is a popular pastime.

Is Sanibel Island Expensive?

According to the survey by cheaphotels.org, Fort Myers Beach ranked as the third most expensive place in the country, with hotel rates of at least $494 a night for the most affordable rooms in the town. Sanibel Island landed at No. 6, with room rates starting at $429 a night.

Can I Uber to Sanibel Island?

On Sanibel we have the Island Taxi and the Sanibel Taxi. Uber is also an option, however few Uber drivers travel to Sanibel.

Do you need a car on Sanibel?

Having a car can be beneficial to get you around Sanibel, particularly if you want to visit Captiva Island or take a daytrip to Fort Myers. However, parking is limited and expensive on both Sanibel and Captiva. At the beaches, you’ll spend $5 per hour to park in the lots.

How much does it cost to cross the bridge to Sanibel Island?

Tolls for Cars: $6.

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What is the best time of year to visit Sanibel Island?

From December-April, Sanibel has the best weather the entire year with cooler days and less rain, when compared to the summer months. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive time of year to visit. But with a little pre-planning, you can save on flights and accommodation.

Is Sanibel Island busy?

Sanibel’s busiest time is January through April, when the arrival of snowbirds leads to backed-up traffic on Periwinkle Way. Sanibel is not the cheapest of destinations, especially when it comes to accommodations. Your best bet for budget lodgings is to stay in Fort Myers and drive in for the day.

Is there a ferry to Sanibel Island?

The Sanibel Island Ferry Service consisted of four ships for passengers and cars with trips departing every 15 minutes from 7:30 am to 5:30 PM, prompting the common refrain that ‘Sanibel closed at 5:30 pm.

Are there shark attacks in Sanibel?

On Sanibel and Captiva, there have only been eight documented incidents between humans and sharks on Sanibel, none of which were fatal. In half of those instances, the shark was stepped on or bumped into accidentally. On Captiva, there has never been a documented shark incident.

Are there alligators on Sanibel Island?

Sanibel contains over 2,200 acres of freshwater wetlands that provide habitat for a sizable population of alligators. It is during these times that alligator sightings are most prevalent. If you see an alligator, the best thing to do is leave it alone.

Can you drink alcohol on Ft Myers Beach?

Rules of the Beach: Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, other than in restaurant property located on the beach. Driving on the beach is not allowed. Dogs are allowed on the beach, but must be kept on leash and picked up after.

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