FAQ: How Far Is Madeira Beach Fl From Pt St Lucie Fl?

Is Port St Lucie a bad area?

Feel safe and secure in Port St. The ranking used 2017 FBI crime data, which list Port St. Lucie’s violent crime rate at 0.99 per 1,000, and property crime rate of 11.27 per 1,000.

Does Port St Lucie have nice beaches?

Despite being mostly landlocked, this sweet gem boasts easy access to some of the area’s most stunning beaches (we’re looking at you, Hutchinson Island beaches ), as well as phenomenal state parks like Savannas Preserve and St. Lucie Inlet Preserve.

Does Port St Lucie have a beach?

The beautiful barrier island called Hutchinson Island features 21 miles of pristine beaches including Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, and the beaches of Martin County from Jensen Beach to Stuart Beach.

Is Port St Lucie affluent?

Lucie in 2018 was $27,546, which is middle income relative to Florida and the nation. This equates to an annual income of $110,184 for a family of four. However, Port St. Lucie contains both very wealthy and poor people as well.

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Does Port St Lucie have a downtown?

PORT ST. LUCIE — St. Lucie West is on the cusp of getting new retail, residential and office space aimed at creating a “downtown” where residents can live, work, shop and dine.

Is Port St Lucie FL a good place to live?

Port St Lucie is a good place to live. They have good transportation systems that are very reliable. The rent is very high in this area, but it does seem safe for the most part. Getting around Port St Lucie is pretty easy even when you don’t have a car.

What airport do you fly into for Port St. Lucie Florida?

What airports are near Port St. Lucie? The closest airport is Palm Beach Intl (PBI) (43.81 mi). Other nearby airports are Melbourne (MLB) (59.96 mi), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) (83.95 mi), Orlando (MCO) (98.71 mi) or Fort Myers SW Florida Intl (RSW) (99.92 mi).

Does Port St. Lucie FL get hurricanes?

Port St. Lucie, FL is in a very high risk hurricane zone. 79 hurricanes have been recorded in the Port St. Lucie, FL since 1930.

How close is the ocean to Port St. Lucie?

The distance between Ocean Drive and Port St. Lucie is 106 miles. The road distance is 118.1 miles.

Are Port St. Lucie beaches closed?

St. Lucie County and Fort Pierce opened all public beaches for activities including walking, jogging, fishing, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, collecting seashells, kayaking and paddleboarding, though social distancing requirements must be observed. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park is closed.

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Why is Port St Lucie the best place to live in Florida?

Port St. Lucie is surprisingly affordable, low-key, and extremely safe. When it comes to pinpointing the very best neighborhoods, everyone has their own needs list. Some love centrally located areas because they’re close to shopping and other amenities.

Is Port St Lucie a good place to raise kids?

Port St Lucie is a great family friendly place to live. We don’t have many crimes that are reported and for the most part pretty friendly neighbors. If your looking for a quiet and friendly environment to raise your children, then Port St Lucie is the place for you!

Why are people moving to Port St Lucie?

There are many reasons South Floridians might consider relocating to this Treasure Coast city. With mangroves, unspoiled beaches, good schools, affordable (and available!) homes and a small-town vibe, this Treasure Coast town of just under 200,000 people is a new hot spot for relocation.

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